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Welcome to the web site of the Little Smalltalk project!

Little Smalltalk is a minimalistic implementation of the Smalltalk programming language. Originally developed by Timothy A. Budd, the system is now presented and developed by Reinhold Software Services.

The system is completely free and provides everything you need to work with a Smalltalk like programming language. Well, Smalltalk like... The system is not a Smalltalk-80 nor an ANSI Smalltalk system.

And it doesn't try to be one.

It is an useful, instructive and interesting programming system by its own.

The status of the project

You can download and play around with a quite interesting version called 5.0 alpha 008. That version provides a nice GUI, a class browser, transcript, workspace and is still a very tiny implementation of the Little Smalltalk system.

Recently members of the LittleSmalltalk community found that I started my work on LittleSmalltalk on an odd version and that there was a version 4 of Little Smalltalk that came with an image creation utility and the possibility to bootstrap the Little Smalltalk system completely on the basis of a C compiler. So currently I am working on improvements of that version and try to reimplement my changes into that version.

I think that the result will be a highly improved version that allows us to work much more efficiently on and with Little Smalltalk.

As always: I hope to have something interesting quite soon...

The website https://littlesmalltalk.org serves as a stable place where you can find the Little Smalltalk system. Now (thanks to Charles Childers) we are able to provide some older versions that we lost in our own archives. So we have a rather complete collection of historic Little Smalltalk versions.

Want to participate on the project?

Yes, do it!

Whatever your strengths are, please contact me if you want to contribute to the project!

If you are not sure, please visit the forum, read it, register and write your own comments!

Well, that's it for now.
Download Little Smalltalk and have fun with it!

 Danny Reinhold
    -- Reinhold Software Services --