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Other Forks of LittleSmalltalk!

I am not a special genious. So it may not surprise you that I wasn't the first nor the only person that tried to create something interesting on the basis of Little Smalltalk.

In fact there are several other forks of the system. Usually those forks are based on Little Smalltalk, Version 3 since that was the last version that Timothy Budd released under a public domain license until he allowed me to change the license conditions for version 4.

Some interesting forks are:

  • SmallWorld - by Timothy A. Budd
  • SmallWorld 2007 - A modified version of SmallWorld developed and maintained by Russel Allen
  • PDST (Public Domain SmallTalk) - by Douglas E. Hammond - based on version 3 (seems to be dead)
  • Susie - by Montgomery F. Tidwell - based on PDST
  • Parla - by Michael Koehne - derivative of LST 3
  • LST 4.5 - Another fork based on LST 4. License: GPL. Seems to be the basis of the LST version in Minix 3.
  • ATalk (AmigaTalk) - A fork of LST 1 by Jim Steichen. It was originally designed to work on the Commodore Amiga PC series, but is now also being ported to modern Linux PCs.

If you know about other forks or have more information on these forks please tell me. I would love to provide those information on this site!

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