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The Book "A Little Smalltalk"

The Book A Little Smalltalk, by Tim Budd, Addison-Wesley 1987.

In 1987 Timothy A. Budd authored and published the book "A Little Smalltalk" which is an extremly instructive book on the Smalltalk programming language.

You can download this book and many other free Smalltalk books here.

Please understand that Timothy A. Budd is not any longer involved in the LittleSmalltalk project. So if you have any questions or find any problems etc. please don't bother him. Instead contact us or write to the forum!

Please note that the book describes version 1 of the LittleSmalltalk system which is quite different from version 4 and later versions. So the book can give you a good idea of the system but doesn't really help you to understand versions 4 and later.

But nonetheless, download it and read it. It is really good. Unfortunately it is out of print for a long time now. Maybe you have luck and find it on eBay or other sources of used books.

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