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LittleSmalltalk 4.5

This specific version of LittleSmalltalk is another fork of the system.
It is called version 4.5 and is based either on a 4.0 version or of another
modified 4.0 fork.

I am not sure who made it.
It seems to be the basis for the LittleSmalltalk version that comes with Minix 3.
License: GPL

Different than what I intend with LittleSmalltalk version 5 this version doesn't come with
a GUI toolkit. Instead it implements a small web server, so you should be able to
create dynamic web sites with it.
It seems to have a read only class browser (?).

I haven't tried this version, but it looks quite interesting.

But since I am not a big fan of the GPL I don't want to take over parts of this fork to our version to avoid mixing code of the different licenses.

You can download this version here. If you observe who made it please let me know.

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