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Welcome! You are in the LittleSmalltalk archive!

Here we provide a stable place for some older versions of the LittleSmalltalk system.
Maybe you also belong to the group of persons that read the famous book "A Little Smalltalk"
by Timothy A. Budd in their youth.
Then you also know how instructive this implementation of LittleSmalltalk is.
Timothy also developed some furthor versions of the LittleSmalltalk systems.
In fact this lead to total rewrites especially with version 4.

This system is really minimalistic and instructive. Every software developer should know it in depth.

Unfortunately the system got more or less lost in the space during the last years. Most links
on the web are broken.

So I (Danny Reinhold) decided to create a stable place to provide all old versions that I can get and
to continue the development of the system. Timothy A. Budd gracefully gave me the right to change
the license terms of version 4 and to do whatever I want with the system.
So well, you will see the results in the rest of this web site.

But, here are the older versions of LittleSmalltalk:

Version 5 - This most recent 'old stuff' ;)
Version 4 - These are the last version done by Tmothy A. Budd and the first done by Danny Reinhold
Version 3 - These are some variations of version 3 provided gracefully by Charles Childers!
Version 2 - Thanks to Leif Strand we now also have an archive of version 2!
Version 1 - The original version described in the book!

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