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Version 3

Version 3

Version 3 was the basis for several other developments (PDST was a successor of version 3).
This may be due to the fact that the system is very easy to understand, simple to extend
and absolutely free. Timothy A. Budd originally changed the license terms with version 4 so that
for example commercial usage was not allowed. Now these restrictions have been removed.
All my current developments are based on version 4 instead of version 3.

But anyway - extremly instructive and simply cool.

Thanks to Charles Childers I can provide these copies.
He also gracefully provided some modifications he worked out

Here are some comments by Charles Childers (crc):

I have a copy of Little Smalltalk, version 3.04.

My copies include an original distribution that I picked up some time ago, and a slightly modified version that compiles with warnings, but no errors, on SuSE Linux 10.1 and NetBSD 3.0. It does not compile under FreeBSD 6.1, or OpenBSD 3.9. It will also compile under BeOS R5 with some makefile tweaks (remove -lm from the library list), but not all of the objects can be built into the systemImage yet.

If you are interested in either of these distributions, please let me know. I can (and intend to) do further work on my distribution, to allow it to compile cleanly on the modern BSD, Linux, and BeOS systems.

Well, of course I was interested.
So here are his files:

Download version 3 - original
Download version 3 - with crc's modifications
Download version 3 - patched by crc

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