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Version 2

Version 2

For a long time I was unable to find an archive of version 2.
This has changed now:

Leif Strand found such an archive - and I am really, really happy that he sent it to me for inclusion to the archive!

Here is Leif's mail (from 15th of June 2007):


I notice on your web site that Little Smalltalk v2 is missing from your
collection.  By pure chance, I happen to have a file called
"little-st.tar.gz" which I downloaded in August of 1999.  Within the
archive, there are four files of particular interest:

-rw-r----- bbraun/10035   8437 1998-05-22 11:20 little-st/READ_ME
-rw-r----- bbraun/10035  60268 1987-10-04 11:56 little-st/part01
-rw-r----- bbraun/10035  59474 1987-10-04 11:56 little-st/part02
-rw-r----- bbraun/10035  30123 1987-10-04 11:56 little-st/part03

According to the "READ_ME" file, it is a beta of v2 (?).  The
part files appear to be Tim Budd's post of v2 to
comp.sources.unix.  The other files in the archive have a timestamp of
1998-05-22.  I'm guessing this is when "bbraun" packaged it.

See attached file "little-st.tar.gz".  I hope you find it useful!


Of course I found it useful - and I added it immediately to the archive!

Leif, thank you very much!

And here is the archive: little-st.tar.gz

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