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Version 4

Version 4

This was the last version done by Timothy A. Budd before he developed something similar
to LittleSmalltalk based on Java technologies.
(It is called SmallWorld and can be found here.)

Version 4 contained lots of changes - in fact it was a complete rewrite of the LittleSmalltalk
system. The C source code basically consists of a virtual machine only.
All the real functionality is contained in the Smalltalk image.
This is very similar to what the original inventors of Smalltalk had in mind and realized in their systems.

Unfortunately with version 4 Timothy also introduces license terms that forbid the usage
of the LittleSmalltalk system in commercial projects etc.
But fortunately Timothy allowed me (Danny Reinhold) to completely remove those license
terms and define my own license for the LittleSmalltalk system. So it is now as free as
possible in terms of beer and speach...

Version 4 is quite advanced and harder to understand than earlier versions since most
functionality is not readable in the C source code.
But it is the most powerful version of LittleSmalltalk and once you understood the virtual
machine you can also simply understand the functionality that is 'hidden' in the Smalltalk image.
Hey - it is Smalltalk - so it is no problem to read and understand everything!

Download version 4 - the original version!
Download version 4.1 - a modified version to allow compilation on Windows systems!
Download version 4 - another variation of version 4 found by Charles Childers. This version comes with source code of the Smalltalk image and a tool that compiles that source and creates an initial image file. So this version allows bootstrapping of the complete LittleSmalltalk system with only a C compiler at hand and without magic in the image file. This version is the basis for our further work on LittleSmalltalk system 5 since April 2007.

From version 4.1 upwards all versions are developed and maintained by
Danny Reinhold / Reinhold Software Services and other contributors to the
LittleSmalltalk project. Please don't bother Timothy Budd with errors in those versions.

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